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VETsurvey integration with the Student Portal overview

VETsurvey is a survey creation tool built specifically for Registered Training Orgainsations. It allows for the easy creation and distribution of surveys for all training organisations, large and small and available as an add on product portal, hosted by VETtrak. See the VETsurvey product page for more detail.

Student Portal version or higher will allow integration of your VETsurvey with a new custom menu item in the portal navigation menu. To enable your VETsurvey integration, open the Global Preferences wizard from within VETtrak. Go to the Student Portal preferences page.  Click on the VET Survey tab and enable it by checking the box "Show VET Survey".

  • Choose a VETsurvey URL from the drop down menu.  This list is dependant on your customer account, and you may have multiple VETsurvey instances.
  • Add a link name. The name is what will be visible, and clickable for your students in the Portal. Limit your link name to 15 characters or less.

The Student Portal will now have a new link.  If the link doesn't appear your Student Portal may require an IIS App Pool restart in order to take affect.  Hosted clients please lodge a support request to have this initiated.

VETsurvey integration example

With VETsurvey now enabled in the Student Portal.  When a student selects the custom link eg "Survey" they will be taken to a course selector page, if they have multiple current courses or directly to the VETsurvey landing page.

Course selection page:

VETsurvey landing page:

The VETsurvey landing page will appear within an iframe on the student portal.  It will also be responsive if the student is viewing the page on a mobile device.

Responsive view:

The student may then fill in the relevant questionnaire from your VETsurvey.


  • The list will show only those questionnaires of type student.
  • The list shown to the student is dynamic in that any previously completed questionnaire's for the same student and course combination will no longer appear in the list.
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