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VTDocs Portal Installation Step 3 - Add Application Pool

Open the IIS Manager from Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

It is recommended that the API be set up as an Application running within its own Application Pool. This isolates the process and allows the API to be managed independently of other IIS applications running on the server.

To do this, in the IIS Manager, click on Application Pools in the tree in the left panel, and click Add Application Pool on the right.

In the Add Application Pool window, enter the following, followed by OK:

  • Name: VETtrakVTDocsPortalAppPool
  • .NET Framework version: A version starting with “.NET CLR Version”
  • Managed pipeline mode: Integrated
  • Start application pool immediately : Ticked

This will add the Application Pool to the IIS Manager.


NEXT: Step 4 - Add Application.

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