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VTDocs Portal Installation Step 4 - Add Application

In the left tree panel, under Sites, find the web site to add the VETtrak VTDocs Portal to. You can use the “Default Web Site” or create a new web site if desired. Right-click on this web site and click Add Application.

Note that if the VETtrak VTDocs Portal was copied to a folder under the web root, it will already appear as a folder under the web site (you may need to refresh in order to see it) – in this case, instead of adding the application, right-click on the folder and select Convert to Application.

In the Add Application window, enter the following, and click OK:

  • Alias: This is what the URL to the VETtrak VTDocs Portal will be. This can be whatever you want. Keep in mind that each user will need to enter this into their tablet, so something short like “VETtrak” might be appropriate. For the purposes of the examples in this document, we will use “VETtrakVTDocsPortal”.
  • Application pool: Click the Select button and choose VETtrakVTDocsPortalAppPool from the list.
  • Physical path: Use the button to browse for and select the folder into which you extracted the VETtrak Trainer Portal ZIP. This folder contains, among other things, the Web.config file. For the purposes of this document, a path of “C:\inetpub\wwwroot\VETtrakVTDocsPortal” is used.


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