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VETtrak Waiter

There may be times where you are required to keep track of clients waiting to enter a particular course, managed by VETtrak's Programmes and Occurrences functionality. To help with this, VETtrak comes with a free tool designed to assist with managing these people called Waiter.

The Waiter module allows you to:

  • Record the referral source for each person on the waiting list.
  • See all the programmes that a particular individual is waitlisted for.
  • Send an email or text message to all the people waiting for a particular programme.
  • Enrol people into a course directly from the waiting list.

Opening the Waiter Module

Waiter is launched from a separate icon in the VETtrak installation folder, titled Waiter.exe

Double click this icon to get started. You may wish to create a desktop shortcut if you wish to use Waiter often.

Waiter will likely prompt you to log in - In most cases you can sign in with your Default VETtrak username and password.

If you cannot sign in to VETtrak Waiter, you may require to be granted access via VETtrak Security beforehand.

Using Waiter


  1. Browse the Programmes listed in your VETtrak here. Selecting a record from this area will populate the Clients in Waitlist. The columns on the right hand side allow you to Print a list of Waitlisted Clients, Email the Waitlisted Clients or SMS the Waitlisted Clients.
  2. This displays the Clients in Waitlist. You can edit the Referral Source of any Clients in the area, as well as update their Client Notes.
  3. If you require to Create a New Client to add to the Waitlist, you can make use of the Fast Client Wizard to add people on the fly.
  4. Use the Search Box to look up existing Clients.
  5. Press Add Selected Clients to Waitlist to assign any selected Clients from the Client Search Results to the Selected Programme.

Enrolling Clients from the Wait List

Within VETtrak, you can Enrol Clients directly from the waitlist by right clicking on the Enrolments heading and selecting Enrol Clients from Waiting List.

This will display the Add Occurrence Enrolment wizard, with details returned from the Waiter.

Simply tick the Use box on the left hand side and progress the wizard to enrol the clients. Make use of te Remove select clients from the waiting list after enrolling tickbox to ensure that the clients are removed from the waitlist once they are enrolled.

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