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Student Portal 17.2.x release notes - 21/09/2017


Must be running VETtrak version 17.2.x.

Release notes - 21/09/2017

Bug fix

  • Class details modal pop up was missing room information and location name was repeated in address area.

Release notes - 22/08/2017

Bug fix

  • Encoding vulnerability in Class/Event on schedule page.
  • VETsurvey integration not occupying full screen width in some browsers.

Release notes - 20/07/2017

Bug fix

  • Distributed files download 404 error.

Release notes - 18/07/2017

Bug fix

  • Student file upload email notification generated a link to the trainer portal that resulted in a 404 error page.

Release notes - 11/07/2017 

Bug fix

  • Student file upload showing an error during notification process.  File was still uploaded, but no notification generated to trainer.

Release notes - 07/07/2017 

Bug fix

  • Session expiry time not updating correctly causing session time out on active sessions after x(configured) minutes.

Release notes - 04/07/2017 

Bug fix

  •  Adding a USI cleared client disability and prior education selections from personal details.


Release notes - 27/6/2017


Notifications (see Notifications guide for further details)

  • Notifications badge found alongside the header user greeting.
  • new notifications web page.
  • new notification settings page for portal user.

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