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Process: Updating Enrolment Fields Using the Data Insights Manager

Once you have queried data within the Data Insight Manager, you may then choose to action updates or changes to the data. There is a range of options available to update specific data within your Student Enrolments.

Begin by accessing the Data Insights Manager by going to the Report menu, and selecting Data Insights:



Start by creating a Query on the left hand side, by right clicking on Data Insight Queries and selecting Add Query:

The right hand side of the manager will update, with options that allow you to create your query. The query will represent what kind of data you want to look up - For this example, we will update Enrolment Statuses, so we need to select the Query On option for Client Enrolment.


Selecting Client Enrolment will provide you wish a list VETtrak data fields to select from. These represent the criteria you may wish to use for your query, or the information you wish to see.


The two windows on the right hand side are Query Fields and Query Criteria. In the Query Fields section, you choose the details you wish to see. To do this, you can Click, and drag items from the left field into this Query Fields area, or press the  [+] button in the  query fields column.

A standard set of details to check Client Enrolments would likely be the Enrolment Dates (Start Date/Finish Date), the Qualification Name and the Clients Name (Client Given Name and Client Surname). I do this by finding these fields and adding them into the Query Fields area using the following process:

For the Qualification Name, locate Qualification in the list and press the Follow Relationship  button to view a list of available Qualification fields:

From this area, Click and drag Name from the left field into the Query Fields area, or press the  [+] button in the  query fields column.

Once finished, press the Back one level  button to return the main Available Fields List.

For Client Details, locate Client in the list and press the Follow Relationship  button to view a list of available Client fields:

From this area, Click and drag Surname and Given Name from the left field into the Query Fields area, or press the  [+] button in the  query fields column.

Once finished, press the Back one level  button to return the main Available Fields List.

You can now press Run Query if you would like to see these fields returned:


This will query the database and show you results with the fields you have chosen, effectively showing me a list of Client Enrolments, with the fields I have asked to retrieve displayed (Dates, Qualification, Client Name):


Now, this shows me results with no filtering. As we aim to update a specific sample of enrolments, it would be advisable to add filtering to make sure we only see the specific Enrolments that we wish to update. Press the Query button above the results list to return to our Query in Progress.


To add filters, we can drag fields from the same options on the left hand side, into the Query Criteria box in the bottom right. In this case, I may wish to filter based off Enrolment Start Date and Enrolment Finish Date to only see enrolments in a particular period: 


I can then choose how I want to calculate my dates, In the case I had said I want to see Enrolments with a start date Greater than, or equal to the 1st of January, 2017 - and that I wish to see Enrolments with a finish date Less than, or equal to the 31st of December, 2017.

I can do this by changing the Operator and the  Value to match how I want to date to be measured, and what date to be used. This will ensure I only see enrolments that have a start/finish date within my year of choice, for example.


Then, if I run my query with this filter I will have Filtered Results, resulting in a smaller sample of people that Match my criteria.


With this filtered set of results, I can then choose to perform an Action on these results:

Actions allow you to do something with the results you have retrieved, such as Update Fields, Send an Email or Run a Report as a few options. For example, to update the Status of the Enrolment, you would need to select Update Enrolment Status.


Within the wizette, you can then choose which Status you wish to Apply: 


If you then press Finish, this will update the status to your selected item for all Enrolments that your query has retrieved. You will receive a message notifying you that the change will take place.



You can also ​​save your query to use again in future - so to save you a lot of time doing this again, should you wish to update a group of people again in future you can enter a Name at the top of the query and press the Save for your query to appear in the left hand side to be used again in future.


Specialist Bulk Update Options

Besides the Update Enrolment Status option, there are a range of specialist update options within Data Insights:

These include:


Update Assessment Modes

The Update Assessment Modes option allows a user to associate one or many Assessment Modes within Student Enrolments.


Update Dates

The Update Dates option allows a user to amend the Start and Finish dates within their Student Enrolments.

Note: This function can only be used in bulk if the retrieved Enrolments have the same Start and Finish dates


Update Delivery Modes

The Update Delivery Modes option allows a user to select one or many Delivery Modes within the funding section of their Student Enrolments.

As this affected AVETMISS report, we have a dedicated article detailing the process to successfully update your Delivery Modes: Bulk Update Of Delivery Modes Using The Data Insights Manager


Update Field

The Update Field option allows a user to amend a range of particular fields within their Student Enrolments.

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