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VETenrol Release Notes - July 2017

New Features



  • The USI page now allows exemption code "INDIV" for individual exemptions. Individual exemptions are rare, however should an RTO have a student who falls into that category, the INDIV code will be accepted by VETenrol. This is not mentioned on the page to prevent ineligible students from entering the code simply to bypass the step. 
  • The Identity step:
    • Increased the length of the Document ID fields to capture more information.
    • Three upload fields are now available for providing ID document copies.
  • VET Student Loans step now includes a field for the upload of a Year 12 Certificate of Education.
  • The Log File report now shows newest to oldest records.
  • Custom Forms
    • Existing forms can now be duplicated.
    • Improved method for selecting applicable programmes and occurrences.
    • Supports positioning fields to the right or below the question (Previously, these were always positioned to the right).
  • Branding overhaul applied to for improved consistency and increased support for modern layouts. Clients should see minimal to no change, as each client's original branding has been reworked and applied with the update. Some of the visually significant changes are:
    • The View Classes and View Units links previously appearing in the table style with the occurrence details are now buttons situated below the occurrence details.
    • The Registration Confirmation page heading correctly utilises the styling applied to other VETenrol page headings.
    • Most clients will now have their website linked under their logo, enabling users to click the logo to open the client's website in a new browser tab/window. This was previously only implemented on request.
    • Appearance improvements for tablet and laptop screens.


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