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Holding Account

There are occasions when it will make sense to use the VETtrak facilities relating to the Holding Account. This allows for a paid amount of money to be withdrawn from an existing invoice, and then applied to a different invoice.

For example, if a person enrols - and pays - for a course and then decides not to go ahead, you may have a policy where the money is not refunded but instead is held for that person to be used at another time.

Transferring to the Holding Account

You can transfer all or part of an existing payment to the Holding Account

  1. Locate the enrolment or invoice that has been paid and expand it to view the payment. Right-click on the payment and choose Transfer payment.
  2. The wizard below appears with the amount of the original payment in the Available amount and Transfer amount fields. You can only transfer the full amount.
  3. The balance within the Invoice will update to reflect the amount from the payment having been removed and applied to the Holding account.

Recording a Payment from the Holding Account

To utilise money from the holding account, action the creation of a payment as you usually would - If a client has an amount available in the Holding Account, you will see the following message:

  1. Within the Payment Wizard, press the Holding button in the top right hand side.

  2. This will display the Holding Wizard.Within here you can select an existing Holding Amount to apply as your payment. The receipt number for the original payment is provided to help you choose the right one if there are multiple entries for the same employer or client. 

    Select which amount with the Use column, and press Next and Finish to return to the Payment Wizard.

  3. The amount will be entered as the Payment amount. 
  4. Press Next and Finish to apply the payment.

This will result in a payment amount having been transferred from one Invoice and applied as a payment to a new Invoice, for whatever reason you may require.

A common use for the Holding Account is when Transferring a Student from one Occurrence to another, as you will likely need to consolidate Invoice details between the two courses.
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