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Invoices can be created and managed within VETtrak to track monetary information, such as fees/charges owed and payments applied. They are created based off Pricing Items and Inventory Items attached to an Enrolment or Contract, and exist as expandable nodes within particular VETtrak managers (Client, Employer, Programmes) that can be expanded for review or interacted with by recording Payments, Adjustments or Refunds against them.

Auto Creating an Invoice

To quickly create an invoice for an Enrolment, you can use the Auto Create Invoice functionality. Any enrolment with outstanding pricing or inventory items may be invoiced for the full outstanding amounts.

You can select the Auto Create Invoice option after right-clicking on:

  • A client enrolment of any kind (contract, non-contract or occurrence) in the Client Manager
  • A client enrolment in the Programme Manager
  • An employer enrolment in the Programme Manager
  • An employer occurrence enrolment in the Employer Manager

This will prompt for VETtrak to create an invoice for any amount that is currently uninvoiced for that particular enrolment.

From the Client Manager:

  • Navigate to the appropriate heading, Right click the Enrolment and select Auto create invoice:

From the Programme Manager:

  • Navigate to the appropriate Occurrence, Right click the Enrolments heading in the details panel and select Auto create invoice:

  • As you may be dealing with a volume of clients within the Occurrence, an intermediary window will display, allowing you to review the invoices that are set to be produced, and allowing you to ensure that the outcome of producing these Invoices is intended:

    From within this window, you can choose to edit a Clients enrolment to amend any Invoice related information should you require, prior to processing the invoice.
The auto create invoice option will only appear for an enrolment that current has pricing or inventory items which are yet to be invoiced or scheduled.


Manually Creating an Invoice

At times you may wish to create invoices manually rather than using the automatic option. Invoices can be made out to a client or an employer / business / agency and include any combination of pricing items from contracts, enrolments, occurrence enrolments, and inventory Items.

The option to manually create invoices can also be selected from several context sensitive areas within VETtrak:

  1. Right-click the Invoices node in the Client Manager -> Add invoice
  2. Right-click the Invoices node in the Employer Manager -> Add invoice
  3. Right-click the Invoices node in the Programme Manager -> Create invoice

 To create a general invoice, from the Create menu, select Invoice:

From here, indicate whether the invoice is to be made out to an individual or an employer :

The following window will then allow you to select a Client, or an Employer depending on your previous selection:

This will then show the Invoice Wizard proper:

  1. Depending on your settings under File > Global preferences > General preferences, VETtrak will automatically generate invoice numbers for you or allow you to enter your own invoice number. You can tick or untick the Auto box to change that for this invoice if necessary.
    If you have specified a prefix under File > Global preferences > General preferences, that prefix will be added to an automatically generated invoice number. Uppercase is enforced for all letters in the invoice number.
  2. Set the invoice date.
  3. Record the Purchase Order Number (if applicable)
  4. Enter the due date for the invoice (optional)
  5. Click here to add in text notes regarding this invoice.
  6. Select a Credit Terms requirement (if applicable)
  7. If this is an invoice to an employer, select a contact person here. (optional)
  8. Add monetary items to the invoice by clicking the appropriate button(s). This will open the Invoice Item Wizard (shown in the next section). You can click these buttons multiple times to add in as many items as you require. 
  9. The items selected to be added to the invoice will be displayed here. The descriptions can be changed by clicking into the Description field and typing what you require.
  10. Set the ledger for each item, if required.
  11. GST for this item.
  12. Displays the amount for the selected item. To change the amount for a contract or enrolment item, you must change it within the appropriate contract / enrolment itself. The amount for inventory items can be changed here if necessary.
  13. Use this button to calculate GST.

    NOTE:  If you change the amount to be charged for an item, you will need to recalculate the GST for that item. The charged amount should include GST. 
  14. Click the red cross if you want to remove an item selected in error. 

When viewing the Invoice Item Wizard, you can browse Enrolments/Contracts against Employers or Clients that have monetary items entered ready to be charged.

  1. Search for the client/employer if they are not already selected.
  2. Choose the enrolment or contract you wish to browse for items ready to invoice.
  3. If you do not want to invoice all of the items on the enrolment, untick any that you don't want to invoice. 
  4. Click finish to return to the Invoice Wizard.

Once you are happy with the items selected, press Next to view the Finish Page of the Invoice Wizard:

You can then view the invoice in a 'ready to print' view if you require by ticking the box titled Print invoice after creation.


Editing an invoice

You can edit an invoice at any time prior to a payment being recorded. To edit an existing invoice, right-click the invoice and select Edit Invoice to adjust the invoiced items:

With the exception of stand-alone Inventory items, you cannot change the amount of items on an invoice. To change the amount you must first remove the item from the invoice, then edit the pricing item in the originating contract or enrolment before adding the item back to the invoice.

An invoice can only be edited or deleted if no payments or adjustments have been recorded against it, and if it has not been exported to an external system.

It is possible to lock invoices so that they cannot be edited or deleted. Contact VETtrak support to find out how to implement this feature.

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