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Assigning Staff to a Role

Once you have created a role, you then need to assign your staff to the role, so that the right people have permission to do the things you want them to do. Only people with the Client is a Staff Member box ticked within their Client Wizard can be selected this way:

 To assign the staff, expand the role, right-click on Assigned staff and click Assign staff to role.

Once this is done, your selected Staff Member can now sign in to VETtrak using the Username and Password found in their Staff/Client Wizard:

The Client's Username and Password can also be changed within this area by typing into the fields shown above.

You can repeat this process to select any number of staff who you want to have that role, and click Next and Finish.

Changing your VETtrak Password

Once a user has signed in to the VETtrak system, they can choose to change their Password by expanding the File heading, and selecting Change Password:

We have further details here: Changing Your VETtrak Password

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