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Setting Up VETtrak Access for a Staff Member

For a VETtrak staff member to log in to VETtrak, they will need to exist as a Client within your database - you will then need to assign your staff member to a Role within Security. This will dictate the permissions of that user within the Software.


Creating a VETtrak Staff Member

You will first need to Create your Staff Member as a client within VETtrak - To do this, select the Create menu, and choose Client:

Within the Client Wizard, enter your Staff Members Surname and Given name, then make sure the Client is a Staff Member box is ticked:

Also take note of the Username and Password that displays within the Client Wizard, as your Staff member will use these details to sign into VETtrak once they have been Assigned to a Role, (Also detailed within this Article) - This password can be amended by typing a new one into the field, should you wish to enter a standard password:

This is the only essential information required when creating a Staff Member in VETtrak, any additional information can be added at your leisure, or simply complete the wizard to create the Staff Member.

For full details on creating a client, please see our Creating a Client Article.


Assigning a VETtrak Staff Member to a Role

Once you have created your Staff Member, you can assign them to a VETtrak Role to allow them access to log in.

To access Security within VETtrak, expand the Manage menu and select Security:

If you do not see Security within this area, an Admin within your organisation may have restricted it's access. You will need to confer with your manager to identify who has access to Security and have them complete this step on your behalf. 

Within Security, expand the Application/Role management heading, followed by the VETtrak heading.

This will display the Roles available for users to sign in to VETtrak, Including the VETtrak Default Role:

If you have created customised VETtrak Roles, these will appear under the Product heading.

To assign the staff, expand the role, right-click on Assigned users and click Assign users to role.

This will show the Assign Users to Role Wizard - Use the search on the left hand side to select your created staff member, and double click their name to select them:

The person should then appear under the Assigned users heading:

With this is done, your selected Staff Member can now sign in to VETtrak using the Username and Password found in their Staff/Client Wizard:

The Client's Username and Password can also be changed within this area by typing into the fields shown above.

You can repeat this process to select any number of staff who you want to use that role, and click Next and Finish.


Changing your VETtrak Password

Once a user has signed in to the VETtrak system, they can choose to change their Password by expanding the File heading, and selecting Change Password:

We have further details here: Changing Your VETtrak Password

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