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Changing a User's Role Assignments

To assign a user to a role, right-click on the Roles node under their name and click Assign to role.

Select the role you want to assign them to, and click Finish.

To remove a role from a user, right-click on the role you want to remove, and click Remove role from staff.

NOTE: It is possible for a user to be assigned to more than one role for the same application. You might want to do this to conserve licences, if for example, a user is allowed to do a wide range of things in VETtrak but only needs to do them when another staff member is absent.  As VETtrak licensing works on a concurrent user basis, you would not need to purchase an extra licence for the higher features, as the extra person only needs to use them when the other user is not logged in.  In this case, when the user logs into VETtrak, they will receive a prompt asking what role they want to use for this session, and they then choose the role corresponding to the tasks that they need to do in that session.



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