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Session Management

The Session Management section allows you to:

  • See who is using VETtrak
  • See which users are currently logged in to various applications.
  • Forcibly terminate a user’s session if necessary.


Expand the Session management node to see a list like the one below:

Name and Client Code of logged in user  Application each user is logged into.  Date and Time they logged in  Name of the computer and the user logged into that computer  Role the person is logged in as.

In the above example we have:

  • Six users logged into VETtrak, and one user logged into Waiter.
  • Of the users logged into VETtrak we have:
    • One read-only user
    • Three Trainers
    • One Data Entry person
    • One using the VETtrak default role
  • One user (Mitchell Bathurst) logged into both VETtrak and Waiter
  • One user (Lincoln Rooke) who is logged into VETtrak twice with the same role on two different computers.

A user could be logged in twice for a number of reasons, such as:

  • They may have simply changed computers and forgotten to log out of the first one.
  • The first computer may have crashed and they were unable to close their session properly.

In either case, a VETtrak user with access to the Security Manager can forcibly log a user out of VETtrak without having to go to the computer that the person is logged in on. To do so, just right click on the session you want to terminate, and click Force logout.

If the user you are logging out is still at the computer using VETtrak, they will receive  a notification, and their VETtrak will close:


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