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VETtrak Security Manager Overview

The VETtrak Security Manager allows you to control users' access to VETtrak in two ways:

  • You can finely control what sort of information users can see and what actions they can perform by setting up roles and indicating what features and functions of VETtrak each role should have access to.
  • You can control which clients and enrolments a user can see by dividing your database up into divisions.

The Security Manager can be accessed via the Dashboard or the Manage menu.There are five sections in this manager:


  • Application / Role Management - Allows you to set up a number of different roles for your users, and determine what features and functions of VETtrak will be available to users with that role.
  • Division Management - Allows you to set up a hierarchical system of divisions to control what areas of your database various users can access.
  • User Management - Allows you to see and set roles and divisions on a per user basis.
  • Session Management - Allows you to see information about who is currently logged into VETtrak, and to forcibly terminate a user's session if necessary.
  • Licence Utilisation - Shows a summary of the VETtrak features you have licences for, which users have access to each feature, and how many of those licences are currently being used by logged in users.
  • Reports - Provides access to a unique admin-level report to show user activity within VETtrak.


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