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Process: Setting Up a Trainer Role

You may wish to set up permissions for a role that suitable to give your training staff. This will allow your trainers to be able to:

  • View everything in VETtrak apart from financial information, custom reports, and security settings.
  • Record results and attendance, but not to be able to change anything else.

Create the Role

First you will require to create the new role. As this role will have access to most VETtrak features, and that access is mostly read-only, the easiest way to begin would be to duplicate the default VETtrak read-only role.


 Give the new role a name:


Like the VETtrak default read-only role, this new role now has access to all VETtrak features that your company has licences for, provided in a read-only access.


Set the Features That This Role Can Access

Next, You will require to remove this role's access to the features that you do not wish your trainers to use - in this case, Finance, Security and Custom Reports. To do this, right-click on the role and select Edit feature list.

 Untick the features you do not want this role to access, and click Finish.



Set the Permissions

Now you need to give this role access to the appropriate items. Note that as this role was created by duplicating a read-only role, it currently only has View access to everything, and there is no option to add more than View access:

We may want our trainers to be able to have Add, Edit and Delete access to a limited group of functions, which they cannot currently do. To do so, you will need to make this role not read-only, so edit the role, and untick the read-only box:

This in itself will not change the permissions, everything will still only have View access until we change it. Now, however, the full range of permissions are available to choose from:

Now that we are able to allocate the full range of permissions, we can proceed to give our trainers full access to results and attendance. So we right click on Unit/Element result three times, adding a new permission each time: 

NOTE:  You have given full access only to Unit / element result, and not to Result type setup, as there is a fixed set of allowable result types, and you may not want trainers adding their own result types or changing the ones that are there.

Now, you may wish to allow access to record attendance as well. Attendance is related to classes, which can be found under the Short Courses feature:


Again you can right-click three times, to add each of the extra permissions, as shown above for results.

You should now see that your Trainer has View access to most things, and Add / Edit / Delete access to results and attendance:


Assign your Staff Member to the role, and their access is complete.

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