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Division Management Overview

Within the VETtrak Security Manager, one of the heading options is the Division Management heading.

The Division Management section allows you to set up any number of divisions to mirror your organisation's structure in VETtrak:


Across VETtrak, there are many data types that can be associated/assigned a particular Division. For example, Clients, Enrolments and Groups can then be associated with particular divisions:


This association is used to restrict which clients / enrolments / groups a VETtrak user can see when they access VETtrak. A user that only has access to a particular division will only see the data-types associated with that division.

Alternatively, this association can simply be a way of splitting your database into manageable units.

VETtrak initially comes with a single standard division, called the the Root division. The Root division serves as a master/parent division to all other divisions. If a User is provided access to the Root division, they will inherit access to all child divisions under it.


All new divisions will automatically be subdivisions/children of the Root division. You can have as many levels in your division hierarchy as you want, with each new division created under a division heading of your choice.



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