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Licence Utilisation

Within the VETtrak Security Manager, one of the heading options is the License Utilisation heading.

This area is designed to give a rapid overview of your VETtrak Licenses and which users have access, and may currently be accessing them.


At a glance, the Licence Utilisation section allows you to see:

  •  = How many licences you have purchased for each application and feature.
  •  = How many VETtrak users have been given access to these applications/features.
  •  = How many VETtrak users are currently using these licences.
  •  = How many VETtrak users accessing a Read-only access to the


For example, in the screen shot above we can see:

  • 10 purchased licences for the VETtrak software.
  • Have so far granted access to 1 user.
  • That user is currently logged in, using the license.
  • No users are currently logged in with a read-only role.


NOTE: There is no limit to the number of read-only users who can be logged in simultaneously.

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