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Managing Students in the Trainer Portal

When you click on a student you have searched for, or click Go to student from elsewhere in the portal, you will find yourself on the Student screen.


  1. Click here to view the student's personal information without making any changes to it.
  2. Click here if you need to make changes to the student's information.
  3. You can send the student an email,
  4. or an SMS message.
  5. Record event allows you to record details about an event associated with this student.
  6. Flag for follow up is a quick way to record a date that you next want to follow up with this student. This creates a simple all-day follow-up event. If you want to record times or other details, use the Record event option instead.
  7. The Schedule tab shows all the student's classes and events - past, present and future.
  8. The Enrolments tab shows all the units the student's current enrolments, including all units, classes and tasks associated with the enrolments.
  9. The Messages tab shows all email and SMS messages sent to the student via VETtrak or the portal.
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