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Managing Students in the Trainer Portal

When you click on a student you have searched for, or click Go to student from elsewhere in the portal, you will find yourself on the Student screen.



  • VIEW DETAILS - Click here to view the student's personal information without making any changes to it.
  • EDIT DETAILS - Click here if you need to make changes to the student's information.
  • SEND DIRECT MESSAGE - You can send the student an email or an SMS message.
  • RECORD EVENT - Record event allows you to record details about an event associated with this student.
  • RECORD ATTRIBUTE - Record attribute allows you to record attributes associated to this student.
  • FLAG FOR FOLLOWUP - Flag for follow up is a quick way to record a date that you next want to follow up with this student. This creates a simple all-day follow-up event. If you want to record times or other details, use the Record event option instead.
  • NOTES - Click here to view file notes recorded against this student.
  • SCHEDULE - The Schedule tab shows all the student's classes and events - past, present and future.
  • ENROLMENTS - The Enrolments tab shows all the units the student's current enrolments, including all units, classes and tasks associated with the enrolments.
  • MESSAGES - The Messages tab shows all email and SMS messages sent to the student via VETtrak or the portal.
  • ATTRIBUTES - Shows a list of attributes associated with this student.
  • SKILLS - Shows a list of skills associated with this student.
  • EVENTS - Shows a list of events associated with this student.
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