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Enrol Client in VET FEE-HELP Course of Study

In the Client Manager, right-click on the VET FEE-HELP node and select Add course of study item.

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  • 307 - Only qualifications that have been set up as a Course of Study will be available for selection.
    If the selected qualification has a parent qualification, reports the national code of the parent. Otherwise reports the national code of the selected qualification.
  • 446 - This field must be set correctly for the record to appear in the VCC file. This can be set either here in the Course of Study Wizard, or via the Set dates and completion statuses menu option.
    The settings for this field are:
    • 'Completed' is used to indicate that the course is completed and this will be a new record in the VCC file. If 'Completed' you must also enter the Completion Year.
    • Rescind previous completion is used to 'undo' a previously reported record if a completion has been reported in error.

NOTE: When first setting up the course of study, "Not yet completed" should be selected. This will prevent this course of study from being included in the VCC file. When the course of study has been completed, 446 should then be set to "Completed".

  • 534 - Reported as a six-digit code (yyyymm) generated from the date recorded.

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  • 560, 565 - Reported as a four-digit code with trailing zeros eg 25% = 0250

The remaining fields are available only if a value is entered at 565. If 0 is entered at 565, these fields will be automatically reported as 0000.

  • 562, 563, 564 - These fields are available only if 0200 (Prior Vet study only) or 0300 (Both prior higher education and VET study) is selected in 561.
  • 566 - This field is available only if 0100 (Prior higher education study only) or 0300 (Both prior higher education and VET study) is selected at 561.

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Tick the box to go on and edit the client's personal information relating to VET FEE-HELP. The Client VET FEE-HELP Details Wizard will open.

NOTE: If this is the first time you have entered VET FEE-HELP information for this client, this box will be automatically ticked, as it is mandatory to set the client VET FEE-HELP details.


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