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Trainer Portal Functionality Overview

The VETtrak Trainer Portal allows trainers to perform relevant VETtrak functions via a web browser. Depending on how your portal is set up in VETtrak, information entered in the portal will be:

  • Saved directly into VETtrak, or
  • Sent to an interim area for Quality Assurance by a VETtrak administrator, who can then approve or reject the entry of that information into VETtrak. The VETtrak administrator can also send feedback to the trainer for review.


What Trainers Can See

The Trainer Portal only allows trainers to see certain types of information that has been associated with the Trainer, by selecting them in the appropriate fields. For example, a Trainer that has been selected within an Enrolments 'Enrolment Staff' area will be able to view that Enrolment within the Trainer Portal.

The information types visible in the portal include:

  • Classes
  • Clients
  • Enrolments
  • Events
  • Tasks
  • Employers
  • Messages


What Trainers Can Do

Only the functions most commonly used for trainers in the field are included in the portal, and different users can be granted access to different functions.

Depending on the level of access you have been granted, you may be able to:


Trainer Portal-wide Navigation Tools

Within the Trainer Portal there are a set of standard options for navigating to or interacting with particular items. These appear in many of the standard sections, as well as modal windows that appear when clicking on an item.

Quick View will open a modal window without navigating away from the currently viewed item
Go To will navigate the user away from the current area, loading a new page dedicated to the selected item
Actions will display a list of accessible actions available against the selected item


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