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Sending Emails to Students in the Trainer Portal

All email settings for the Trainer Portal are configured within the VETtrak Global Preferences area titled Email Preferences.

This configuration will dictate who emails are sent from when using the Trainer Portal.

If email has been enabled for your Trainer Portal by the VETtrak administrator, you will be able to send emails to students who have the appropriate contact details recorded. 

You can send email to an individual student by clicking Send email on the Student screen or in the View Details window.



You can send email to some or all of the students in a class by ticking the appropriate students on the Class screen and clicking Send email.

The Send Email window will open:

  1. The From address will default to the default email that is recorded in VETtrak email preferences for your organisation, but you can overwrite it with your own email address.
  2. If any of the students do not have an email address recorded in VETtrak, they will be greyed out here.
  3. Enter the email subject.
  4. Type your message.
  5. Click Submit.

The email will now be available to view under each student's Messages tab.


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