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Recording Attendance in the Trainer Portal

Attendance can be recorded for some or all of the students in a class by ticking the appropriate students on the Class screen and clicking the appropriate Record Attendance option.

Recording Attendance

If you want to record attendance for multiple students in the same class, first navigate to the relevant class from the Dashboard or Schedule.

Select the student(s) you want to record attendance for, then select Record attendance.

Within the window that appears, Enter your desired data, then press the  button to populate it in the selected fields below it. 

  1. Select the type of Attendance you want to record.
  2. Select a valid Attendance Reason should you require.
  3. Set the start and finish dates and times.
  4. Any notes entered here will be saved in VETtrak against each client's attendance.
  5. Tick this box if you wish to record Signatures to endorse the attendance. 
  6. Click Submit

The process for recording attendance is the same, regardless whether you are entering attendance for multiple people or just a single student.

A quick method to record attendance for a single student is to use the Actions menu on the right hand side:

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