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Managing Classes in the Trainer Portal

Working with a class allows you to perform actions on multiple students at once, such as recording attendance, results or task status, sending messages, or flagging students for a follow-up appointment.

Access an individual class by clicking on the class on the Dashboard or Schedule.

1. Class Details

This displays the class information including the Programme details from VETtrak, including the Date and Time.


2. Action Bar

Provides quick access to details, and bulk recording tools for attendance items - including the ability to endorse attendance, as well as product an attendance record.


3. Tab View

The Students tab allows you to perform a number of actions on individual or multiple students.

The Ad-Hoc Attendance tab allows you to manage students attending the class in an Ad-Hoc capacity.

The Units tab shows a list of all units associated with the class. From there you can record unit results for multiple units at once.

The Tasks tab shows a list of all tasks associated with the class. From there you can record task statuses for multiple tasks at once.

The Course Classes tab allows you to view both past and future Class dates associated with the course.


4. Refresh Button

Refreshes the information for the selected class. Useful if details are being updated in VETtrak concurrently with the user in the Trainer Portal.


5. Quick Action Buttons

Within this section, you can tick the student(s) you want to work with and click the buttons to:

  1. Send SMS messages to selected students.
  2. Send emails to selected students.
  3. Record attendance for selected students.
  4. Record task status for selected students.
  5. Record results for selected students.
  6. Flag these students for follow-up.
  7. Record an Event for select Students.

If no students are selected, these buttons will by greyed out, and will not function.


6. Student List

Within this section, you can view the list of student(s) within this class, whether they are direct attendants, or managed as an 'Ad Hoc' attendee.

Recorded Attendance will be displayed here under the 'Attendance' heading.

The Signed section will display whether or not a Signature has been recorded for this student.

Click on Actions next to a student to perform a number of functions on an individual student:


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