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Trainer Portal Schedule Screen

A schedule of all of your classes and events can be accessed by clicking the Schedule item in the menu bar, or any of the Schedule buttons on the Dashboard. The Schedule page opens with a calendar view of the current month:


1. Trainer Name

Displays the Trainer Name. The schedule displayed is unique to this Trainer, and will only display items that have been assigned to this Trainer. 


2. Selected Month

Shows which month is currently selected to display.


3. Month Navigation Buttons

Click the arrows to move to the previous or next month. Select Current Month to default the display to the current month.


4. Sorting Tabs

Selecting Calendar will display the schedule in a Calendar format with all relevant Classes and Events showing.

Click on the Classes or Events tab to see all classes / events in list format for the selected month.

Entries are colour-coded according to whether they are classes or events.


 5. Schedule Legend

Displays what a particular item in the Calendar represents.


6. Class / Event Items

Shows on the relevant day of the scheduled Class/Event.

Click on a class or event to see its details in a modal window:




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