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Quality Assurance Manager Overview

If you have enabled Quality Assurance for any data items in the Trainer Portal, a VETtrak user will need to review data and approve or reject it for saving into VETtrak. This is done in the Quality Assurance Manager.

To open the Quality Assurance Manager, go to Manage > Quality Assurance:

  1. Items awaiting approval are listed here.
  2. You can sort and filter the list by dragging column headers onto the grey bar. These are saved in place when Save Layout is used for this manager.
  3. Details of the item you have clicked on are shown on this side.
  4. The history of submissions for the item are shown here.
  5. Click on the Data button to view details of that entry.
  6. To accept an item, click Accept. This will save this item in VETtrak, and remove it from the trainer's Pending QA queue.
  7. Click here to reject an item. The item will then appear in the trainer's QA Rejections list, giving them an opportunity to edit and resubmit the item.
  8. This button takes you directly to view the relevant person in the Client Manager, or Occurrence in the Programme Manager.
  9. Locking the item will prevent other users from making changes to the item while you are working on it.
  10. Drop the comment box down to enter a comment that will be relayed to the trainer.
  11. If you wish to edit some aspect of this item before saving, click this button and make the appropriate changes in the wizard that opens. NOTE: When finished editing, you will still need to click the Accept button to save the changes in the database.
  12. The Remove button removes the item completely from the queue, without notifying the trainer. Note that this cannot be undone, so only use this button if you are certain that the item is not required.
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