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Setting up Trainer Portal Users in VETtrak

For trainers to have access to the portal, you will need to set them up in VETtrak as portal users.

  • Ensure the person is entered into VETtrak as a Staff Member. (Tick the "Client is a staff member" box on the first page of the Client Wizard.)
  • Go to the Security Manager (Manage > Security).

  • Open Application/Role management.
  • Open Trainer Web Portal.
  • Open Default trainer role.
  • Right-click on Assigned users.
  • Select Assign users to role.
  • Search for the trainer and add them to the role.

You can control what actions the users can perform by configuring the security permissions for that role. You can also create additional user roles for the Trainer Portal if you want users to have different levels of access.


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