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Set Up VSL Course of Study

To set up a Courses of Study the qualification must first be set up in the Qualification Manager. Once this is done the qualification can have the VET Student Loans Course of Study details added. To do this right-click on the qualification and select Edit VET Student Loans course of study.

The VET Student Loans Course of Study Wizard includes details included in the VCO export file.

  1. Select the course of study type.
  2. Indicate the full-time study load of this course.  More information on this field can be found on the 350 Course of Study Load page of the HEIMSHELP web site.
  3. Enter the applicable loan cap.
  4. Tick the box next to your organisation to allow this qualification to be used as a VSL Course of Study.
  • Only the organisations that are ticked in the Qualification Wizard as being able to deliver this qualification will be shown here.
  • If the qualification has a parent qualification, the information from the parent qualification will be reported. The Course of Study Type and Course of Study Load fields will be disabled in this case.


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