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Enter Client VET Student Loans Details

There are many personal details about a client that are needed for your VET Student Loans export files. As personal details will not differ per courses of study, they are collected in a separate wizard and can be set once for each client.

The first time you enter a Course of Study for a client, the Client Details for VET Student Loans Wizard will open by default when you complete the Course of Study Wizard. This wizard will auto-populate VSL fields which are similar to AVETMISS fields in the Client Personal Information Wizard and the rest will need to be filled out manually.

To open the Client VET Student Loans Details Wizard you can either:

  • Tick the Edit client details for VET Student Loans box at the end of the Course of Study Wizard, or
  • Right-click on the VET Student Loans/VET FEE-HELP node in the Client Manager and select Edit client details for VET Student Loans.

The fields in this wizard are included in the VSL export files. Most of these fields will include the element number in parenthesis after the name of the field. More information on these elements can be found in the VET – Elements by Number page on HEIMSHELP.

Page 1

Arrival status (347) – If set to Known year of arrival the Year of arrival in Australia field will be visible.

Language Spoken at Home (348) - If the client has a language spoken at home recorded in the Personal Wizard, the radio buttons will not appear, and this field will be automatically populated as follows:

  • English: 0001
  • Other language: Four-digit AVETMISS code for that language
    If the language spoken at home is recorded as Not Stated in the Personal Wizard, the radio buttons will be enabled and the code automatically populated as follows:
  • Yes: 9998 (non-English language spoken at home, but not known which one)
  • Don't know: 9999 (no information on whether English is spoken at home or not)

Disability Related (386) - Disability information is drawn from the Client Personal Wizard and auto-populated here. The options for the question Does client have a disability? are disabled and can be set in the client personal wizard. Note that the disability options are slightly different to the AVETMISS options entered in the Personal Wizard. These have been auto-populated as closely as possible however it is worth double-checking that these are set correctly.

CHESSN (488) – The Commonwealth Higher Education Support Number is the unique identifier allocated by the department. It is generated using HEIMS Administration and entered into this field manually.

Tax File Number (416) - Tax file number must be a nine-digit number, which is validated using the ATO algorithm, and is encrypted before being saved in the database. Reported in the VDU as an 11-digit code, with leading zeros added to the number entered.

Page 2

Term Location (319) and Permanent Home Residence Location (320) - If Australia is selected, you must enter a postcode. If Overseas is selected, choose the country from the dropdown list.

Page 3


Country of Birth (346) - Set in the Client Personal Wizard. The Overseas and Unknown radio buttons are only shown if no country of birth is set in the Personal Wizard.

Commencing/Year 12 Address (476) - If Yes, you must enter the postcode of their permanent home residence in Year 12.

Name of Suburb/Town/Locality (486) – Enabled if Yes is selected above.

Page 4

Highest Educational Participation – Enabled if Domestic – commencing is selected.

Year of Last Participation – Enabled if Highest Education Participation is set to anything except No prior educational attainment. The year must be after 1930 and prior or equal to the current year.

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