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Enrol Client in VET FEE-HELP Units of Study

To add a Unit of Study, right-click on the Course of Study and select Add unit of study.

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  • 339 - Percentage of equivalent full-time student load, reported as 10 digits with leading and trailing zeros.
    eg 50% (0.50) = 0500000000
        25% (0.25) = 0250000000
  • 489 - Enter the census date, or click the Calc button to automatically calculate the date. Reported as six-digit code in format YYYYMMDD, derived from the entered date.
  • 558 - Calculated by subtracting the amount at 381 from the amount at 384.
    Only applies if a VET FEE-HELP eligible code (401-410) is selected at 490 above. Otherwise, is set to 00000000.

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  • 477 - If Australia is selected, the postcode must be entered. 


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