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Enrol Client in VSL Units of Study

To add a Unit of Study, right-click on the Course of Study and select Add unit of study.

There are many fields in this wizard that are included in the VLL file of the VSL export files. These fields will include the element number in parenthesis after the name of the field. More information on these elements can be found in the VET – Elements by Number page on HEIMSHELP.

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Start Date and End Date – Optional dates representing the period the unit of study spans. This is required if you wish to calculate the census date based on the unit of study period. Not included in any government reporting.

Census Date (489) – Used in the VSL exporter when searching for units of study with a census date in the date range. Enter the census date manually, or click the Calc button to automatically calculate the date. The Calc will only be available if the optional Start Date and End Date fields have been entered.

EFTSL (as %) (339) – Equivalent Full-Time Student Load field is entered as a percentage value and will be reported in the export files as 10 digits with leading and trailing zeros.

eg 50% (0.50) = 0500000000
25% (0.25) = 0250000000

Unit HELP debt (558) – Always disabled. Calculated by subtracting 381 from 384. Only applies if Student Status Code (490) is set to a VET Student Loans eligible code (401-410). Otherwise, is set to zero.

Date fee notice sent – Optional date manually entered to record when a fee notice is sent to the student. Not included in any government reporting.

Unit of study notes – Used to enter any notes applicable to the unit of study. Not included in any government reporting.

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Completion Status (355) – Set to Not yet completed by default. This should be changed when the student finalises the unit of study. More information on setting these completion statuses can be found in the VSL Unit of Study Completion Status Help Centre article.

Completion Date – Enabled once the Completion Status is set to any option other than Not yet completed. Used to capture units of study in the VSL exporter by their completion date.

Campus Location (477) - If Australia is selected, the postcode will be enabled and must be entered. If Overseas is selected, the Overseas country of campus will be enabled.

Duplicate Unit of Study

Often a course of study will have multiple units of study that are all identical except for the actual unit of study name. A menu item has been added against a Unit of Study, which opens a wizard to duplicate the unit of study.

Tick all the units of study that you want to create. This creates a new record for each ticked unit of study. These are identical to the original unit of study except for the unit of study itself, and the completion status. Regardless of the status of the original unit of study, the newly created ones will all have Not yet completed as their completion status.


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