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Relate Enrolments To VET Student Loans Course Of Study

A Course of Study can be related to one or more VET enrolments. This is an optional feature that is not required for government reporting. A course of study can be related to an enrolment for two purposes:

To relate an enrolment to a Course of Study, right-click on the Course of Study and select Relate enrolments to course of study:

The wizard will show all the client's enrolments that have an enrolment end date on or after the commencement date of the Course of Study. Select the enrolment(s) you want to relate by ticking the appropriate box(es), depending if you want to relate the enrolment(s) for resulting, or pricing, or both:

The enrolment will now appear under the Enrolments (related to course of study) node under the Course of Study. At the end of the line it will say in brackets whether the enrolment is linked for pricing or resulting, or both:

The following rules apply to related enrolments:

  • Only ONE enrolment can be linked for pricing.
  • Multiple enrolments can be linked for resulting.
  • You cannot unlink a pricing enrolment once it has had Unit of Study pricing items set. You would need to first remove these pricing items from the enrolment.


Relate Units of Competency To Units Of Study For Resulting

Once you have related an enrolment to a Course of Study for resulting, you can then go on to relate the units of competency in the enrolment to Units of Study. Right-click on a Unit of Study and select Relate units:

The wizard will list all the units in all the enrolments related to the Course of Study. Select the units you want to relate to this Unit of Study:

The related units will then appear under each Unit of Study:

When final results are recorded against the units of competencies related to the unit of study the Completion Status of unit of study will be set automatically along with the Completion Date.

The Completion Date will be set to the finish date of the unit of competency with the latest finish date. The Completion Status will be set as follows:


All have a final result, and at least one is not competent, or at least one has a withdrawal date after the census date Failed
All successfully completed Successfully completed


In the example below, all the units related to the first Unit of Study have been given a competent result, so the Unit of Study has been marked as completed:


Pricing VET FEE-HELP Units Of Study

If you have related an enrolment to a Course of Study for pricing, you can set up pricing for the individual units of study. It is important to note that this will not affect the pricing that will be reported in the VSL export files but is instead designed to allow you to invoice units of study.

First you will need to set up an Invoice Item Merge Template with Unit of Study pricing selected as the context. This determines how the Unit of Study items appear on invoices.

If your pricing structure is always similar for all VET Student Loans enrolments, set up a Funding Model with $ / Unit of study selected as the Rate Type:

Edit the enrolment and either select your VET Student Loans funding model, or allocate pricing items individually against the Units of Study:

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