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Set VET FEE-HELP Completion Statuses Automatically via Unit Results

You must report the Completion Status of each of your Units of Study in the VCU export file. You can set this status in two ways:

If you have related your units of study to units of competency from an enrolment, the completion status of units of study can be set automatically when results are recorded for the units of competency. When all of the units related to a unit of study are given a final result, the Unit of Study will also be automatically given a Completion Status.

The completion status will be set as follows:

Unit of Competency ResultUnit of Study Completion Status
 All withdrawn, finish date on or before census date  Withdrawn without penalty
 All have a final result, and:
  • At least one is not competent, or
  • At least one has a withdrawal date after the census date
 All successfully completed  Successfully completed

In the example below, all of the units related to the first Unit of Study have been given a competent result, so the Unit of Study has been marked as completed.


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