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Set Up a Payment Plan

To set up a payment plan for an invoice, right-click on the invoice and select Setup payment plan.

This will display the Setup payment plan wizard:

  1. Payment Plan Provider provides a drop down to select any payment plan providers you have configured.
  2. Invoice Number reflects the invoice this payment plan will be attached to.
  3. Invoicee displays the invoiced clients name.
  4. Payment Plan Account Status displays what stage the payment plan is currently at, such as whether it has been accepted or not.
  5. Start Date is the first day that this payment agreement will take place. Ensure that the Start Date selected gives the invoicee sufficient time to set up their agreement before the first payment is due.
  6. Payment per instalment indicates how much is to paid per payment.
  7. Instalment frequency is used to select how often the payment should occur.
  8. Total payments reflects the owed amount to be paid according to the invoice amount.
  9. Estimated payment plan completion will show a calculated amount of expected instalments, alongside a calculated final payment date.
  10. eDDR email merge template (invoice context) allows you to select a particular email template to use for contacting the student. This will default to the email template set in the preferences, but can be changed if necessary.
  11. Employment contact to send eDDR form to allows an employer contact to be sent details regarding the eDDR if an employer contact is affiliated with the Invoice/Enrolment.

Press Next to view the 'Finish' screen.

Leave the box Email ticked to automatically open the Email Template Wizard after completing this wizard.


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