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Merge Clients Utility

This utility merges multiple clients' information into a single master client. This can be used in scenarios where the same client has been entered multiple times and there are a large number of them to fix.

The Client Merge Wizard is launched from the Utility menu:

  1. Select the correct client record (Master Client) on the left-hand side. This should be the record that has the most accurate contact information, as the contact information from the other records will be lost after the merge.
  2. Then select the client(s) to be merged (Merging Clients) on the right-hand side.
  3. Double-click on the required client(s) and they will appear in the panel on the right.
  4. Click Perform Merge and the client(s) in the right-hand panel will be merged into the selected Master Client.

The records for the Merging Clients will then be deleted from the database.

What information ends up in the remaining record?

Enrolment information from the Merging Client(s) will be brought across into the Master Client.

  • Information which a client can only have one of  (address information, etc.) is not moved across.  The information in the Master Client will not be overwritten, and whatever was in the merging client(s) record(s) will be discarded.
  • Information which a client can have many of (eg disability, attributes, enrolments, contracts, events) is moved across and added to the information in the master record . The client record after the merge will have the enrolments, contracts, units, results, disabilities, attributes, etc of both the records combined.
  • In tables for which there can be many values, but the same value can only be present once, the following error message will be displayed if both records contain the same value:

These error messages can occur for:

  • Client attributes
  • Client disability
  • Client groups
  • Client classes
  • Client prior education

The rest of the merge will continue successfully. These error messages are no cause for concern, as they simply indicate that the merge has not created a client record with the same values duplicated.


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