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Getting Started with VETsurvey

This article covers the basics required to begin using VETsurvey. It is important to go to the Administration interface for VETsurvey and complete the required preparation before directing participants to complete surveys.



Navigate to: http://<YourDomain>

NOTE: The <YourDomain> should be replaced with the name provided to you by VETtrak Pty Ltd.
For example the Admin URL for the VETsurvey demonstration is

A security dialog will open and you will be required to provide your login credentials.

Screenshot shows example dialog while using Internet Explorer 11+

  • Enter your User name.
  • Enter your Password.
  • Click the OK button.

After a successful login, the Questionnaires screen will be displayed.



The primary method of navigation is the menu situated at the top of the screen, with items aligned horizontally.

Positioning your mouse pointer over a menu item will cause it to highlight and, if one exists, display the associated sub-menu. Press the left mouse button to choose the highlighted item.

The menu consists of the following items:

  • Questionnaires —Displays a list of completed surveys.
  • Surveys — This sub menu provides options for managing surveys.
  • Misc —This is a sub-menu for accessing various settings.
  • Reports — This sub-menu contains reporting options.


Initial Setup

VETsurvey's Settings must be reviewed and completed to ensure a quality experience for participants. This requires visiting of each of the options available in the 'Misc' sub menu to ensure the appropriate choices are available for building a survey URL and for participants when completing mandatory information for their survey.

In addition to Site Settings, the 'Misc' sub menu provides control over the built-in parameters for surveys. These parameters are:

  • Courses
  • Facilitators
  • Locations
  • Projects
  • Workshops

In each case, these parameters provide selections for building a survey URL, generating reports, and for participants if a built URL is not supplied.


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    Peg Wymond

    I've come here after using the VETsurvey Manual to attempt set up. I'm past needing this level of info but hope the next articles will provide more useful information.


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