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VETsurvey Site Settings

This article describes modifying the general settings for VETsurvey.


Open the Site Settings screen:

  • Highlight Misc on the Navigation menu to display the sub-menu.
  • Click the Site Settings menu item.

Complete each of the settings:

  • RTO Name, RTO Code and address fields - These are used for reporting.
  • Site Title - Enter the text to be displayed as the site title included in the header. This is only relevant if the Site Title branding option has been chosen.
  • Front Page - Enter the welcome text for the main screen of VETsurvey. HTML code is accepted.
  • NTIS Number - This is used in SMART reporting.
  • Email Address - The 'From' address used for sending email. SPAM rules on your server must not prevent emails being sent to internal users from an internal address hosted on an external server. Test by sending a message to your own email address.
  • Email Subject - The subject line used for emails sent via the Build URLs feature. Special variables are accepted.
  • Email Body - The message used for emails sent via the Build URLs feature. HTML code and Special variables are accepted. Must include the *URL* special variable.


Once adjustments are complete:

  • Click the Save button.


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