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Creating a new survey in VETsurvey

To create a new survey, open the Edit Surveys page:

  • Highlight Surveys on the Navigation menu to display the sub-menu.
  • Click the Edit Surveys menu item.

The Survey Details section of the Edit Surveys page is used to create new surveys:


  • Enter a Name for the survey.
  • If desired, include a Description for the survey. This field will accept both text and html.
  • Select the survey Type from the drop-down list.
  • If you do not want to allow the survey to be completed anonymously, tick the Force participant to complete name checkbox.
  • If the survey should remain private, enable the Do not include this survey on the front page checkbox. This is useful to enable until testing is complete, particularly if VETsurvey is available to participants through your organisation's website.
  • Choose a SMART Export option, if required.

From Header Variables:

  • Tick Display date selector if you want the Date field to show on the survey.
  • Enable the built-in variables, as required:
    • courses
    • facilitator
    • locations
    • projects
    • workshops
    Enter a label for each or leave the field blank to use the default.

From Completion Options:

  • To include a testimonial disclaimer, supply Testimonial text.
  • Enable the Require signature checkbox to obtain the particpant's signature as acceptance of the testimonial disclaimer. This field will have no effect if Testimonial is left blank.
  • Alter the default text  displayed to participants on completing the survey by providing Completion Wording.

Once you've finished with the settings:

  • Click the Save button.

The newly created survey will now appear in the Survey List, where parameters and sections can be added.


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