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Managing Survey Sections

Sections are for grouping questions. Properly structuring sections will improve the manageability of the survey and assist with the presentation of the survey to participants.

To manage sections for an existing survey, open the Edit Surveys page:

  • Highlight Surveys on the Navigation menu to display the sub-menu.
  • Click the Edit Surveys menu item.

The Survey List of the Edit Surveys page is used to manage existing surveys:

  •  Click the Edit link in the Sections column that corresponds to the survey.


The Edit Sections page:

The key features are:

  • The Section Details section for creating and modifying survey sections.
    • The Back button returns to the Edit Surveys screen.
    • The New button will clear any existing entries in preparation for a new section.
    • The Save button creates or modifies the section in the Section List with the current entries.
  • The Section List for managing existing sections.
    • The ID link prefills Section Details to allow the corresponding existing section to be modified.
    • The (Edit) link in the Questions column is for managing the questions that will appear in the section. A survey requires at least one section with at least one question to be valid.
    • The move up and move down links will change the list position of the corresponding section if there are multiple sections.
    • The delete link will permanently remove the corresponding section and associated questions.

NOTE: The Section List is shown once at least one section exists.

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