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Managing Survey Questions

Questions are the fundamental components of the survey. They define the survey's value to the organisation as a tool.

To manage questions for an existing survey, open the Edit Surveys page:

  • Highlight Surveys on the Navigation menu to display the sub-menu.
  • Click the Edit Surveys menu item.

The Survey List of the Edit Surveys page is used to manage existing surveys:

  •  Click the Edit link in the Sections column that corresponds to the survey.

The Section List of the Edit Sections page is used to manage questions:

  •  Click the Edit link in the Question column that corresponds to the survey.

The Edit Sections page:

The key features are:

  • The Question Details section for creating and modifying survey parameters.
    • The Back button returns to the Edit Sections screen.
    • The New button will clear any existing entries in preparation for a new question.
    • The Save button creates or modifies the question in the Question List with the current entries.
  • The Section List for managing existing sections.
    • The ID link prefills Question Details to allow the corresponding existing question to be modified.
    • The move up and move down links will change the list position of the corresponding question if there are multiple questions.
    • The delete link will permanently remove the corresponding section and associated questions.

NOTE: The Section List is shown once at least one section exists.

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