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VET Student Loans – Course of Study Profiles

Often a number of clients doing the same course will have similar VET Student Loans details. Rather than add each one individually, it is possible to create a Course of Study Profile underneath a qualification, and then enrol multiple clients into that Course of Study. This will then include all units of study, related enrolments and related units that were in the original Course of Study.

To create a Course of Study Profile, right-click on a Course of Study that has already been set up against a client, and select Create profile from this course of study.

The only information required here is to give the Profile a name:

The profile can then be found under the appropriate qualification in the Qualification Manager, complete with all its related units of study and enrolments:

The profile will contain the following information from the original:

  • The Course of Study
  • The Units of Study
  • Related enrolment(s) including with any enrolment-related data such as pricing, events, training plan details, contact records, staff, placements, units and tasks
  • Relationships between related units of study and units of competence
  • Units with completed-type results in the original enrolment(s) will be reset to No Result in the profile

Any of these items can be edited here before applying the profile to new students, if required.

NOTE: If the enrolment related to the original Course of Study is an occurrence enrolment, then the related enrolment created in the profile and in subsequent client Courses of Study will be a regular non-contract enrolment (i.e. it will not be an occurrence enrolment).


Enrol Clients In Course Of Study Profile

Once you have set up the Course of Study and all its Units of Study the way you want them, you can start enrolling people. There are two ways you can do this:

  1. Go to the Create menu and select Course of study from profile. In this case you will need to select the Organisation, Qualification and Template on the first page of the wizard.
  2. Right-click on the profile in the Qualification Manager, and select Enrol clients in course of study profile.

  1. Set the date that this group of clients will commence their course of study.
  2. The census dates for all associated units of study will be adjusted according to the selected start date. It is also possible to manually adjust the census dates here.
  3. If you don't want these people enrolled in all of the associated units of study, you can untick any that don't apply.

Find the clients you want to enrol, add them to the selected clients list then click Next and Finish to enrol these clients.

The selected clients will now have the course of study along with any related enrolments.


Set Client VET Student Loans Details When Enrolled Via Profile

When enrolling multiple people into a course of study using a profile it is important to remember to set each person's individual VET Student Loans details separately. It is easy to see if this has been done by looking at an individual's VET Student Loans/VET FEE-HELP node in the Client Manager, where it will indicate if that person's VET Student Loans details have not yet been set.

To set the Client VET Student Loans details right-click on the VET Student Loans/VET FEE-HELP node and select Edit client details for VET Student Loans.


Add Units Of Study From Profile

It is not necessary to add all Units of Study at the time of creating a client's Course of Study. If you want to add Units of Study to an individual's Course of Study later, or if the client needs to repeat a Unit of Study, you can easily add them from the profile by right-clicking on the Course of Study and selecting Add unit of study from profile.

This will open a wizard showing all of the Units of Study attached to that template. Select the unit(s) you want to add, and their census dates (the default census date for each unit of study will be the same number of days after the course of study commencement for the client as in the profile).

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