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Set Client VET FEE-HELP Details when Enrolled via Profile

Note that when enrolling multiple people into a course of study using a profile, it is not possible to automatically open the Client VET FEE-HELP Details Wizard when you first enrol them. You will need to remember to then go on and set each person's individual VET FEE-HELP details separately. It is easy to see if this has been done by looking at an individual's VET FEE-HELP node in the Client Manager, where it will indicate clearly if that person's VET FEE-HELP details have not yet been set. (This warning will only appear for clients who have a VET FEE-HELP Course of Study recorded.) It is important to set these details for each person; you will receive a warning in the VET FEE-HELP export if any client's details have not been set.

To set the Client VET FEE-HELP Details in this case, simply right-click on the VET FEE-HELP node and select Edit client VET-FEE HELP details.


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