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VSL Unit of Study Completion Status

You must report the Completion Status of each of your Units of Study in the VCU export file. The default status will be set to Not yet completed and should be changed once the student finalises the unit of study.

HEIMS will recognise 5 different completion status options however VETtrak includes a 6th option Withdrawn before census date that is not designed to be reported HEIMS but to be used as a way of excluding a unit of study from the VSL exporter. This should be used when a student has withdrawn from the course before the census date has passed and therefore has not incurred a debt for the unit of study.

When the completion status is changed to anything other than Not yet completed the Completion date field must be populated. This allows the VSL exporter to search for the completed record by its completion date.

You can set this status in two ways:

You can set the completion status of units of study either individually on the second page of the Unit of Study Wizard, or in bulk using the VET Student Loans Date/Completions Wizard.

Setting Completion Status for Individual Unit of Study

You can set the completion status on the second page of the Unit of Study wizard:

Setting Completion Status for Multiple Units of Study at Once

A wizard is available to allow you to set the census dates and Completion Status for all Units of Study for a particular Course of Study at once. This wizard also allows you to set the Completion Status and date for the Course of Study itself. To open this wizard, right-click on the Course of Study and select Set dates and completion statuses:

  1. Set the commencement date for the Course of Study. (This could otherwise be set on the first page of the Course of Study Wizard.)
  2. Set the census date for each Unit of Study. (This is item 489, which could otherwise be set on the first page of the Unit of Study Wizard for each unit.)
  3. Set the completion status for each unit. (This sets the value for Item 355 - Completion Status, which can also be set for individual units on page 2 of the Unit of Study Wizard.)
  4. The numbers indicate how many distinct units of study there are (i.e. if a unit has been repeated, it will only be counted once), and how many have been completed ("Completed" means the unit has a status of either 'Completed' or 'RPL').
  5. When all units have been completed, set the Completion Status for the whole Course of Study to "Completed" and set the date. (This can also be set on page 1 of the Course of Study Wizard.) This will cause the record to be reported in the VCC (Completions) file.


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