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Using the Document Manager in VETnet

The Document Manager is intended to provide access to all current documents, including templates, manuals, and policies used within your organisation.

New documents and updates may be frequently added to the system, so documents should always be obtained from the Intranet to ensure use of the most up-to-date version.

An approval process for documents is in place as standard to maintain quality control and version control. This process requires requests to be submitted for both new documents and updates to existing documents.


Browsing Documents by Category

When you click 'Documents' on the main menu you are taken to the following screen:

As depicted, documents are divided into categories. Categories may be added or adjusted in future as deemed necessary.

It is possible to navigate through each category by clicking the category title to view the list of documents within that category. If sub-categories are available they will also be listed.

Listed documents can be sorted by Name, Date, and Hits. Additionally the order can be swapped between Ascendant and Descendent.

However, instead of navigating through categories and document lists, it is recommended that you use the Search Documents feature to quickly find the document you are seeking.



To access the Search feature:

  • Highlight Documents on the main menu.
  • Select Search Documents from the sub-menu.

The Search a Document screen will be displayed:

  • Enter the keyword you wish to search for;
  • Set an option from Select Category to narrow the search if required;
  • Typically leave Ordering set to Newest first;
  • Set Search by to All words; and
  • Deselect irrelevant Search where options, if applicable.

Once the search is complete all matching documents will be displayed in a list. To open the document you require, click on the document name.



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