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Cloud Service Email Settings

This document contains a list of common cloud service/email providers and the correct settings to enter into VETtrak to enable email functionality.

Office 365




SSL/TLS Method:




Google Apps/Gmail



587 or 465 (see below, try 587 first)

SSL/TLS Method:

Explicit (use port 587) or Implicit (use port 465 – not recommended, see below)


The implicit SSL method has been deprecated since 1998. Wherever possible, use explicit SSL (also known as "STARTTLS"). Further, the Trainer Portal uses the .NET Framework, which is not compatible with implicit SSL, thus selecting the implicit method will potentially prevent emails being sent out of the Trainer Portal, since explicit will always be used.

To configure VETtrak to send email via Gmail, go to File > Global preferences > Email preferences, and use the following settings:

  • Mail server address:
  • Email port: 587
  • SL/TLS connection method: Explicit
  • Authentication type: User/Password
  • Email login username: Your full email address on Gmail
  • Email login password: Your password to access Gmail
  • Default from address: The same as the Email login username

If you have VETtrak Security and want each VETtrak user to send email using their own Gmail account, you can instead tick Use individual staff member email logins and clear the Default from address:

Then go to the Staff Manager, find each staff member who logs into VETtrak, right-click the Personal node, select Edit staff member, and enter their email username and password on the third page of the Client Wizard:


  • When sending email, the From address of the email must match the Email Login Username, otherwise Gmail will discard the email as spam.
  • If you are using Gmail's two-step verification feature, you will need to generate an application-specific password in Gmail for VETtrak. You would then use this password as the Email Login Password when setting up your email in VETtrak.
  • User must enable ‘Allow less secure apps’ in their Google account settings under ‘Connected apps & sites’. If they are using Google Apps (the business version of Gmail), they may need to ask their IT administrator to allow this to be changed. If this is not completed, they will receive an error 5.7.14 mentioning a URL (

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