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USI Error Codes

If you have received an error message when attempting USI functions within VETtrak, you can identify further information and clarification by finding the specific error code within the message: 

You can then look up additional information using our Error Code table below:

Area Code Message Explanation/resolution
USI web service 1001 Service Unavailable [1001]: The service is currently not available. We recommend trying the service again later as it appears that the USI web service is not available.
USI web service 1002 Generic Validation [1002]: Organisation with OrgCode of … could not be found. The “National RTO ID” on page 1 of the Organisation Wizard is wrong, or does not exist on
USI web service 1002 Generic Validation [1002]: First Name in personal details does not match the Medicare Card.

The name entered in the Client Wizard is different to the name entered in the Identity Document Wizard to match the Medicare Card. Change the client's name in the Client Wizard to match that on the Medicare Card.

USI web service 2002 Organisation Failed Authorisation [2002]: The organisation was not verified as an authorised body/organisation in the system. The USI registrar was not able to match the “National RTO ID” on page 1 of the Organisation Wizard, and the ABN in the AUSkey being used on page 2 of the Organisation Wizard, to a single record on

This can also happen if your organisation has not signed up for access to the USI web services. The USI website has a page to sign up for the web services if needed.
USI web service 2004 Unverified Identity [2004]: The system could not verify the identity based on the supplied information.

The Document Verification Service was not able to verify the data in the client and client identity document used in the USI application. You will need to confirm the identity document details with the client, or collect and record a different client identity document and try the USI creation again.

NOTE RE MEDICARE CARDS: Name data held by Medicare can be inconsistent, particularly with regard to middle name (full middle name, middle initial, or no middle name), and the name stored in the Medicare database may not match that on the card. Use a trial and error method to find the correct combination, or try a different form of ID.

General 2005 Failed to create USI record, multiple existing records were found. [2005]

The USI registry has determined that the USI application is too similar to, but not exactly the same as, at least one existing USI record on the USI registry. The USI registry suspects that this person already has a USI, but for privacy reasons, the USI registry does not tell us what the existing USI is.

Contact the client to confirm their personal details and confirm that they don’t already have a USI, attempt to locate an existing USI by ticking the "Locate client's USI in the USI registry" tickbox on the last page of the Client Personal wizard, or contact the USI office for assistance.

USI web service 2006 DVS Service Unavailable [2006]: The system could not connect to the DVS service. The USI service was unable to connect to the Document Verification Service. Try again later.
USI web service 2007 Request No Is Not Unique [2007]

The USI web service has already received a batch with the same request number that VETtrak is using. This could be due to the VETtrak database having been restored to an earlier date, or another system (e.g. separate VETtrak database or SMS) submitting USI batches for the same organisation using the same numbers.

Please contact VETtrak Support noting that you are receiving this error for assistance.

AUSkey 4699 Unknown KeyStore exception

No valid device AUSkeys could be found in the selected key store file. Please select another one.
The file specified in the “specific key store file” field on page 2 of the Organisation Wizard has no active device AUSkeys in it. Your device AUSkey file should be called keystore.xml and should be a device AUSkey.

For more information refer to page 6 of our VETtrak USI Guide.
General - The network name cannot be found

This usually occurs because you are attempting to use a device AUSkey located on your local computer, but are using our VETtrak hosting service.

To resolve this issue, send your device AUSkey to VETtrak Support and ask for it to be placed into your hosted VETtrak AUSkey folder.

General - There was no endpoint listening at … that could accept the message. This message could mean that the service is down or a firewall is blocking this connection. This could also be caused by a proxy server, you may need to ask your IT to fill in the details in ‘Gateway and Proxy’ setting under ‘File – Global Preferences’ in VETtrak.
General An unsecured or incorrectly secured fault was received from the other party. See the inner FaultException for the fault code and detail.

(TimeSpan timeout) is mentioned a great deal.

One possible cause of this error is if there is too much of a difference between your local computer's time and the server time.

Check whether the timezone, date and time on your local computer (that you are running VETtrak on) is correct.

General The requested security protocol is not supported.

The USI office has flagged that they will only support the use of TLS 1.2 for the USI web services due to security concerns.

This requires an installation of the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5, available to users on Windows Vista (Service Pack 2), Windows 7 (Service Pack 1) or Windows Server 2008 SP2.

VETtrak USI error E2015 Business User Credential expired on [XX/XX/2016 X:28:59 AM].Event Code: [E2015]. 

This particular error communicates that the Device AUSkey currently in use within your VETtrak system has expired. To amend this, you will need to visit in order to renew your AUSkey. 

We have detailed the steps to fix this error here 'USI Error: 'Business User Credential Expired'.


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