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Confirm Ezidebit Accounts

Once you have sent the Ezidebit plan to the invoicee, they will then need to click the eDDR from link in the email, fill out their payment details, agree to the payment plan and submit the form. This will cause Ezidebit to create their account and set up the payment plan, so that payments can start to be deducted. VETtrak has a function that allows you to retrieve information from Ezidebit about who has performed this process. You can then follow up with any invoicees who have not yet activated their payment plans.

You can do this either for an individual invoicee, or in bulk.

Confirm a Single Ezidebit Account

To find out if a particular client or employer has confirmed their Ezidebit account, right click on their Ezidebit account status node and select Confirm Ezidebit account.

A popup message will advise you if the account has been confirmed or not:

Confirm Ezidebit Accounts in Bulk

To confirm all outstanding Ezidebit accounts in one go, go to the Utility menu and select Ezidebit > Confirm Ezidebit accounts.

The grid loads with all the Ezidebit records that have been set up in VETtrak but not yet confirmed.

  1. The status column at this stage will be blue indicating that the status is still unknown.
  2. Click Confirm Ezidebit accounts.

  1. The Status column will change colour depending on the whether the Ezidebit account  has been confirmed or not.
    Green - The invoicee has confirmed their Ezidebit account and the payment plan is now in place.
    Red    - The invoicee has not yet confirmed their Ezidebit account, so payments will not be processed.
  2. Click this button to view or edit the invoice.
  3. Click this button to view or edit the payment plan.
  4. This button allows you to save the information in the grid to an Excel spreadsheet.



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