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Download Payments from Ezidebit

To record in VETtrak any payments made against the payment plan, you need to download these payments from Ezidebit. Go to Utility > Ezidebit > Download payments from Ezidebit.

  1. Set the date range you want to download payments for.  The From date defaults to the day after the last time you downloaded payments, and the To date defaults to yesterday's date.
  2. Click Download payments from Ezidebit.
  3. The grid fills with all payments settled by Ezidebit into your bank account in the specified date range.
  4. This column will show a different colour depending on the status of the payment:
    Green - OK
    Red     - No matching invoice, or more than one matching invoice can be found in VETtrak
    Yellow - The matching invoice already has a payment that is marked as coming from the payment plan, with an external payment number matching Ezidebit's Payment ID. This is to prevent the same payment being downloaded twice.
    Only green payments can be imported.
  5. Click this button to view or edit the invoice associated with the payment.
  6. Click this button to view or edit the payment plan associated with the payment.
  7. You can save the information in the grid to an Excel spreadsheet for your records if you wish. If you want to do this, you must do it before saving the payments.
  8. Click Save to record the downloaded payments in VETtrak.

The payments will now appear under the invoices in VETtrak, marked as "Ezidebit" to make it clear where the payment came from:

NOTE: This process only downloads information about payments that have been successfully settled into your bank account.

If you have opted to download Failed Payments within your EziDebit preferences, these will appear against your invoice as a reversed payment, to indicate it was not successul.


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