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Recording Employer Events in the Trainer Portal

  1. On the Employer screen, click on the Events tab to see a list of all the employer's events with which you are associated.
  2. Click the Actions link to view the details of, or edit, an existing event.
  3. Click Record event to create a new event for the employer.


  1. Select the type of event you wish to create.
  2. Select a staff member. Note that you must select yourself here if you want this event to appear on your own schedule in the portal. If you do not select yourself, you will not be able to see this event in the portal.
  3. A milestone means that the event happens on one day only. If the event is to span multiple days, untick this box and the finish date field will become available.
  4. Tick this box if you want to enter specific times for the event. If this is left unticked, the event will be an all-day event.
  5. Tick this box if the event has been completed.
  6. Enter the date(s) and times for the event.
  7. (Optional) Enter any relevant notes here.
  8. Click Submit for QA / Save changes.
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