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Troubleshooting: VETenrol session time-out

When a participant attempting to enrol receives this error, the most common causes are explained within the error text provided. These are:

  • The enrolment page was left unattended for a period of time.
  • The participant is trying to return to their enrolment, or to VETenrol in general, using a favourited/bookmarked link.
  • The VETtrak API timeout period has been exceeded.

For security, a participant must complete their registration in the one sitting and in a timely manner.

If your participants experience time-outs commonly, it may be necessary to adjust the timeout setting for the VETtrak API. This can be done in the VETtrak API web.config file by increasing the value (in minutes) accordingly:

    <add key="TokenTimeout" value="320"/>

If your VETtrak is hosted with VETtrak Pty Ltd, we can make this adjustment at your request.

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